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HOW TO... Texture Magic™

Texture Magic Tote from Patterns by Annie

What's Texture Magic?

  Texture Magic™ is a steam-activated shrinking fabric made of polyester. The fabric shrinks 30% in all directions when steam is applied. After shrinking, the result is permanent and washer and dryer safe. Texture Magic™ is available in a 47"x18" package.

The steps below show you how easy it is to use Texture Magic™ to make our version of the Texture Magic™ Tote using easy to follow instructions for creating the grid. We also added a layer of Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting™ to the fabric to create a loftier look and feel to the finished project.

Step 1
Mark stitching lines on the Texture Magic™. The lines will not be visible in the completed project but it's a good idea to use a pencil or permanent fine line marker to draw the lines. Follow the grids below to create the same look as pictured here.
Please note:
DO NOT attempt to iron the wrinkles out of the Texture Magic™. They will disappear as the product is steamed.

Draw a grid of lines at a 45° angle  approximately 1 1/2" apart.

Repeat the 45° angle lines in the opposite direction.

Draw vertical lines through the intersections.

Complete the grid by drawing horizontal lines through the intersections.

 Step 2
Once you've drawn the grid lines on the Texture Magic™, it's time to pin the three layers together. Place your fabric right side down, add a layer of Quilter's Dream Cotton™ Select batting on top and then the Texture Magic™ with the grid side up on top. Pin in several places to secure all three layers.  Stitch along the grid lines. We used a regular straight stitch at 2.5mm stitch length and 80/12 Microtex™ machine needle.

Step 3
When the grid is completely stitched, it's time for the magic! Place the completed piece on an ironing surface, Magic Texture™ side up. Hold a hot steam iron ABOVE* the surface and slowly move the iron back and forth. The Texture Magic™ will shrink up drawing the fabric and batting to create the look shown. Can't be any easier! Once the Texture Magic™ has completed shrinking, you're ready to use your newly texturized fabric!
*Be sure not to touch the iron to the Texture Magic™ as it will cause the Texture Magic™ to stiffen.

Texture Magic Tote Pattern

Texture Magic
 1 yard 

Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting Select
46" x 60"

100% natural and environmentally friendly 
Special process prevents shifting and lumping 
High thermal value (R=3.8) warm yet light
Stitching up to 8" apart
Finished quilt may be machine washed and dried Shrinkage is minimal