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  • Do you love quilts that are set on point? (aka diagonal set?)
  • Do you remember the formula for those pesky little triangles?
  • Do you search through your reference books looking for the formula?
Well, look no more! Just pick up your new Setting Triangle™ Ruler, find the finished size of your unfinished block down the side and follow the line to the center to see the size of strip you need to cut. 

Measure your unfinished blocks and find the unfinished size. (If the blocks are not the exact size, use the largest size.) On the Setting Triangle™ Ruler, find the unfinished block size down the side of the triangle.

Follow the solid black line to the center of the ruler and cut one strip of fabric the size indicated in the middle of the Setting Triangle™ Ruler.

Place the Setting Triangle™ Ruler on the strip of fabric and align the bottom edge of the strip with the line that corresponds to your unfinished block size.

Hold the Setting Triangle™ Ruler securely with one hand and with the other hand firmly cut along both edges of the ruler.

Now grab the bottom of the Setting Triangle™ Ruler and flip it over so that you are now looking at the ruler upside down. Align the top of the fabric strip with the same line as previously. Cut down one side of the ruler.

Cut triangles from the entire strip. See how many setting triangles you can get from one strip and cut more strips as needed.
Want to make corner triangles? Here's how!
Find the size of your unfinished block. On the Setting Triangle™ Ruler find the unfinished block size and go to the line for the next size up. Follow that line to the center of the ruler and cut a strip that size. Follow the above directions to cut two triangles.

Next, cut the triangles in half, bisecting them from the 90 degree angle to the hypotenuse (longest side). These are the four corner triangles. A little "fudge factor" has been added to the corner triangles, so once you've added them to your quilt top, trim along the edge of the quilt leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.